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Help With Galv's Message Busts Errors

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I'm super new to RPG Maker and I'm having trouble with getting Galv's Message Busts script to work correctly. Every time the game tries to pull up a portrait, it'll say that it can't find the image. For example, the character whose portraits I was trying to test were called fira_portrait01, fira_portrait02, etc. When the error message is displayed for her, it would say it can't find it while citing the path Graphics/Pictures/fira_portrait01-1, so I changed the name to fira_portrait01-1, since the image is already in the Pictures and Faces folders. Then it gives me the same error message saying it can't find fira_portrait01-1-1. It does this with the Actor portraits as well, with my case saying it can't find Actor6-1. I may just be misunderstanding how this particular script works, but I read the guide in the script and looked at the demo provided.


Additionally, is there any way to prevent Galv's script from conflicting with other scripts? I'm using a script to change the font in the event menu and Zeus81's Map Effects, and they both cause the game to crash when I interact with NPCs with portraits, saying something about line 151 = nil NoMethodError. Are there alternatives to this script? I want to use busts in my game instead of regular portraits. Is using plugins/scripts easier in MV?




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Looking at the script. You would normally use Actor1 file



Select the actor face. in this case the script sees this position as 1. so to show the bust you would have a second file called actor1-1

You don't use your bust file for the message image.


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