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Hello guys.

I am 24 years old, I come from Poland and I've started my adventure with RPG Maker XP. 
I made a lot of projects, but none actually finished. I've always enjoyed fun with eventing, so that's what actually my game making was.
I come back, this time to RPG Maker VX Ace, to finish a game for my girlfriend. 

I'm doing my best to understand the program and use it's to its full features and create an enjoyable experience.
The game is a wicked story and uses her character as a protagonist.
It's mostly fun, but becomes a hobby lately - I just love to adding new maps, weapons, enemies, quests, and look for a way to grant more RPG like features.
So far I've created all by myself: dynamic time system, dynamic weather, loot system for Sapphire ABS, perks and character attributes such as strength, luck, intelligence and level up system. 

I hope to find some help with more advanced features I may need in future.
I would also like to get some opinions about the development and inform you about progress.

Thanks for your attention, have fun and stay safe 


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