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Pandemic - The First Wave

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  • Two New Jersey girls are forced to stay home because of the pandemic. At some point, when their mom gets the virus too, they decide that they have to do something about it. They go on an adventure to save their mom and the entire world by finding a cure / vaccine for the virus.
  • The game is meant for everyone, not necessarily experienced gamers, so you will notice a lot of guidance in the form of tips, a visible menu button, YouTube tutorials and an instructions book. It does include some battles, but it is less about gaining experience and skills, and more about the story. I wanted to keep it as simple as possible, so please review it with that in mind.
  • The game is still under development although it is already winnable within about 1.5 hours of playing. What it's still missing in my opinion is more characters, a modern tileset, more side stories and puzzles, and basically to make it richer and longer. I also need some volunteers for the voice overs because I ran out of family members .
  • I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions for improvement.




Watch the funny trailer we created for it on YouTube (make sure to turn your speakers on).




You can play online here: BallGameStudios.com/pandemic











  • Agam (Hero) is the big sister. She is the responsible one but her sister convinces her to go on adventures. Once she is into it, her wisdom helps moving the plot forward and her strength helps winning battles.
  • Noga (Mage) is the little sister. She is impatient and doesn't take no for an answer. She starts the game bare-handed, but she can do powerful magic. She has wings because that's how my sister wanted her character to be image.gif.68395f5e84279c06c69bdfde78467a0b.gif.


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