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Serious moments by comedic characters.

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Going to preface this by saying there's going to be some dark themes touched on here.



One of the NPCs in my game is, in some ways, a deconstruction of preconceptions of what a sexual predator looks like. The character makes comments in their second appearance that clearly make party members she makes passes to very uncomfortable, both due to incompatible orientation and despite compatible orientation, and certain player choices can make the character go even further (triggering a nonstandard gameover).


While discussing my progress on the game in passing to another person in my social circle, I noted that I didn't plan on using this character more than once and mused that I probably wouldn't use them again as it wouldn't make sense for them to go to other places the party is. One person suggested that I actually use them in places it wouldn't make sense for they to be, as a running gag.


My initial thought was that this would undermine the impact of their second appearance. It's not supposed to be funny. That's the entire point, and that impact is supposed to be stronger for being in an otherwise comedic (sometimes lewdly so) way. But, on the other hand, I'm working alone. i don't know how my audience would react to it other than my own presumptions. So, I'm reaching out to you guys, so I can get some feedback. Is my gut right on this? Or would using her in a "what is they doing HERE" way doable in a way that wouldn't take away the impact of the scene? After all, they''ll be appearing in unexpected ways after this scene, so the impact would have already been made.

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I have a character like that in my game too sorta! Not sure if I am gonna make her explicitly sexual (probobly pretty lewd though), but she definitely could be described as some kind of predator. Shes a fairy who basically tries to steal the player away to fairyland to play with forever. She is very cute, often makes horrible puns, and can be comedically childish. She also can be very creepy, sort of manipulative, and amoral. But I mean, she is a fairy. That's kind of to be expected.


Am I worried that a character that is both comedic and more then a bit predatory will undermine the impact of the more unsavory aspects of her personality? Actually no. I expect in fact the more comedic elements to actually reinforce the impact of her creepy otherworldly predatory nature. Basically she is a character that (if I write her right) should seem cute but the more time you spend talking to her the more you notice she is ever so slightly 'off' compared to normal humans, and after a while she starts going form endearing to creepy and back so suddenly and casually as to really send chills down the player's spine.


In fact I am sorta worried about going to far and actually creeping people the heck out. I don't really want people to hate the character, after all she is me. ;)







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Hm. Well, this character is a vampire, so there's a quite some similarities to these characters then. Thanks for the input. I haven't decided if I'm even going to implement the idea or not, but it'll be on the table if I want a visual gag or something to advance the plot (as the character's second appearance is also meant to help point out the NPC that they need to talk to to access a dungeon).

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