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Get the name and icon of Skills in scripts

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Hey! Good afternoon or evening, whatever, I come again with my problems from the menu xd, now I am faced with ... Not being able to draw the skills, it happens that the VXAce (I do not know this case in other Makers) does not take as equipment Skills, and this is a problem, since I can only draw the icons and names of everything that the system recognizes as an object. 

That is why I would like to know if anyone knows a way to draw the skill either completely (being able to put the name and icon without any problem), or having to mess with something in the background.

Greetings and thanks to all of you in advance!

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That sounds good! But I wish I could write it. You see, I have to draw two objects in a window, the second image is superimposed with photoshop since somehow trying it with a bitmap to occupy the place was a good idea. But if or if I need to be able to draw the icon and the name.



What is underlined in black is the overlay.

    if @actor.equips[0] != nil and $game_player.current_skill[0]
      @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip)      
      @Equip_window.draw_icon(@actor.equips[0].icon_index, 110, 20, true)
      @Equip_window.draw_text(0, 15 , 150, 50, @actor.equips[0].name)  
    elsif $game_player.current_skill[0] == $data_skills[9]  
      @Equip_window.draw_text(0, -15 , 120, 50, RE_MENU::Equip)
      @Equip_window.draw_icon($data_skills[9].icon_index, 190, 20, true)
      @Equip_window.draw_text(180, 15 , 150, 50, $data_skills[9].name)      


The above is what in theory should be written in the window. I honestly don't know why that doesn't happen. I will check the Yanfly class to see if I can get something, thanks Phoenix.



Well, I have updated the code box, I have managed to show the ability and its name, but now the same thing happens to me as when I wanted to add the skills to the main menu, the skills displayed overwrite the previous equipment.

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Maybe not, but thanks to the script I can get the name and icon of the skill, now it works as I want it to be, but I have the same problem, the information from the original equipment is overwritten. Thanks Phoenix!

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