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Need help with monster arena

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Greetings fellow game makers!


I have been creating some interesting battle mechanics but this goes beyond my understanding.


Im trying to make a monster arena like in Kingdom Hearts. So basically what I want is 5 (or more) different kinds of troops in a single battle. Only winning all will result in a prize, losing will return

you back where you started a fight. I could make this with enemy appear option but I want more than 8 enemies. I have tried with HIME Enemyreinforcements or MOG consecutivebattles but I cant

get it work, battle ends after beating first pack. I also have End Phase Triggers but I guess there is something wrong with page conditions. 


I dont need anything fancy. Just something like: When starting a fight a text appears telling ROUND 1, troop 1 appear, when all enemies are dead a text comes for ROUND 2, troop 2 appear etc.


I tried to search for similiar problems but didnt find any solution. Thanks!

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