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What's your take on free vs paid RM resources?

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You're right about that, unfortunately, but I'm not talking about the companies crashing, I mean the entire industry.

It'll coincide with the collapse of the USD.

Expect that to happen very soon. Might even be by the end of the year...

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Bah, you and your doomsaying. You know in a way I kinda wish you were right. If the industry is going to crash, I wish it would hurry up and do so already. Same with the whole system. If everything falls apart this will be humanity's chance to stop propping up the stinking corpse of a system and actually start changing things. But I doubt anything big is going to happen. I have heard that promise before. Humans always are looking for some kind of big grand collapse, some fantastic disaster to save them from the chains they forged themselves. They look for one year after year, but year after year it fails to happen. Why? Because humans are cowards. I don't even blame them really, but it's still true.


They fear change, but they also fear things staying the same. They run away, they deny, they build little cages for themselves and then rage at being contained in their own prisons. But if they are freed they can't handle it and scurry back into their nice safe shadows. That's what humanity has become. And the thing is, it's not even that complicated to fix all of this. It really isn't. All humans need is to understand one basic truth. Something they know as children but adults have done their best to make them forget. That none of it actually matters! Not one bit! It's all a game, it's all a dream, it's all just playtime after all! That doesn't mean it can't be wonderful, doesn't mean it can't be beautiful, doesn't mean it can't be meaningful to you. It's not even a bad thing to be afraid now and then, or to build your own protection from the outside world. But don't make it your prison, make it your fortress!


Oh well, we will see what happens.

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I'm not about to stop calling you out like this you know. If the end comes I will be right there partying and laughing as it all burns down, but until then no matches for you. I'm not going to let anyone start the fire until I am good and ready, thank you very much! It isn't time yet... We can't rush the grand finale, that's a classic mistake authors make. What satisfaction would there be in ending it before all the twists are even revealed and the true plot is laid bare? No. Not yet. Maybe I will change my mind by the end of the year but I doubt it.




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I think paid is nice if you have really steady and well off income. but for someone whos' on fixed income with limited resources free is not always bad. and aside from that, the general go-go-go nature of society makes me feel like we're all driving the autobahn instead of climbing a beautiful mountain. Like no one enjoys the process of the skill building?

I feel it becomes a matter of anxiety induced panic as the developer realizes the skills they need for a game are numerous and take much time and consideration to actually do well. But that said, why doesn't everyone value a resource for more than just "free" or "paid"? chances are if you enjoy an asset it's because the skill is something that took a long while to achieve.

I try not to think of resources in terms of luxury or commodity or even a form of numbers. I mean, what's 1lb of clay mean really? Is it 1 figure, or multiple figures?

This for that is all the banking system started on. I like the idea of receiving what you put into something.


That's why I make things for free, or make them for a cost.

Now that said, not everyone appreciates a product the same way. What is worth afterall?

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