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I need help with Bobstah's Custom Stats [Closed]

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Posted (edited)

I am using Bobstah's Custom Stats plug-in for weapon stats, like the sharpness of a sword or the defense against cuts from certain armor.

Unfortunately, the my game does not appear to actually read those stats. No matter what I do, no damage will be afflicted when using those stats.

An example for the damage formular I use is: 0 - b.def * (b.fst * 10 / (a.srf*2) / 10 + a.atk * 2 with fst being the defensive stat and srf is the offensive stat.
However, if I were to just make a.hrt my damage formular it would also inflict no damage. The "*10" is to keep the stats above 1 during calculation.

The stats are initiated for actors and monster as such:

<CustomStat: spz=0>

<CustomStat: srf=0>

<CustomStat: hrt=1>  (hrt is 1 because you can fight with hands and it is the stat for blunt weaponary)

<CustomStat: avs=0>

<CustomStat: pls=0>

<CustomStat: dck=0>

<CustomStat: fst=0>

<CustomStat: asv=0>


For weapons, here is an example of my iron-short sword:

<CustomStat: spz+5>

<CustomStat: srf+5>


I do have tried to run the plug-in without any others but that changes nothing, same goes for starting a new project with only that plug-in. No difference.



Maybe I am just an idiot and overlooked something obvious.

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