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This is the first time I create an introduction post in a forum in like... 10 years?


My name in Alexander Hass, I work as a game producer for a game studio here in Chile, and I'm fulfilling a childhood dream making my first hentai RPG Maker game. So far it has been super fun, I've been thinking about it for a while now (couple years actually). Played a bunch of RPGM games in the past years, both adults and regular. Lots of great stuff. LOTS of weird and very experimental things. And so I went and started a couple things last years, that teach me mostly how to work (again) on RPGM. I'm using MV currently, a BIG jump from the last engine I used (RPG Maker XP and before that RPGM95).


I'm going to create a dev. log here on the forums and post updates on Discord.

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