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Celestial Frame

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RPG Maker VX Ace


Well, here's hoping I can type 350 words for this synopsis, as I've never really been the best at description, but here goes.

Celestial Frame is a science fiction Role Playing Game about a young girl named Alice who finds out that her grandfather used to be one of the biggest pirates of all time. He sacked and sundered the known galaxy for decades. After hiding his treasure, he settled down, retired, and had a family. Now, pirates are after her grandfather's treasure, so Alice will be launched into space to track it down and find her sister that the pirates have kidnapped. At the same time, she'll be drawn into a rebellion against the Empire (to be renamed later) for the fate of the galaxy. She'll meet friends along the way and also have to deal with betrayal. Can she find her sister, her grandfather's treasure, and save the entire galaxy all at the same time? Only you can help her.

I'd like to add in mini games for people to play where they can earn items, money, or weapons including a minigame that spans the galaxy with a league and then an individual mini game for a couple of the planets.

There will be hidden coins called Galactic Medals that will be hidden everywhere (rocks, trees, jars, barrels, etc.) that will get you the most uber powerful character in the game if you unlock her. There may also be a shop that takes these coins as well for the most powerful, and legendary, equipment and items in the game.

There will be some slight synthesis, but that will mainly be for storyline purposes.

There will also be secret party members for you to go find.

Did I also mention, there will be a gunslinger class that can dual wield and attack twice?

There will be action, adventure, I'm hoping emotion, and ten times the story of my last game.

This is going to be my biggest project ever. Way bigger than A Royal Pain, and that took me a long time to do, so I need some help with this one.

Positions/Roles Needed:

Mapper (1):
 I need someone to map the areas for me. I will talk with you about how to design these maps and what I'd like to be in them.

Scripter (1 or more): I need someone who knows how to script who can help set up a computer type menu and help design mini games. Maybe even add in a few mechanics while we're at it.

Eventer (1): I need someone who I can turn to to ask for help with eventing and will look behind me and check my work to make sure there's no errors and everything works correctly. So more of a backup eventer.

Sprite Designer (1): I need spaceships, mainly for the pirates and Alice. Maybe even original character sprites; but not necessary. I can do with the default ones if I have to.

Music Composer (1): Not a biggie, but it'd be nice to have original music.

My Role(s)/Position(s): I will be doing the main eventing and pretty much all of the writing. Doesn't mean I won't be open to ideas from the rest of the team. I'm pretty flexible and the whole team has a say on the game as well.


Will be cross posted.

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