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I'm new to making games via programming, but I have been making up games since I was a kid. Now I am a father of two and we make games together. I've been playing D&D and other games like it for a long time, and recently (last year some time) came across rpgmaker. I downloaded the vx ace lite trial version and started learning and making. My friends who I played collaborative story driven games with for years all seemed excited by my interest, and recently decided to all pitch in so I could get the full version. I tried to protest and ask them to try out what I had made so far before they put real money into it; they told me it wasn't an investment in what I had made, it was rather an investment in me because they all believed in me and my ability to create good stories... Then I think it rained inside my house for a bit... So, here I am, with lots of ideas and even more questions. My first project is attempting to create something I already am familiar with: a D&D style game using the open license mechanics and rules from 5e. Any help or ideas would be welcomed. Thanks,

 - John

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