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CGMV Crafting

By: Casper Gaming

Last Update:8/14/2020

Latest Version: 1.0



This plugin creates a crafting system for your game. Set up a complex or limited crafting system that integrates well with CGMV Professions (optional). Discover recipes via events or from using items. Use tools and ingredients to produce products (crafting success) or waste items (crafting fail).



  • Adds a crafting system to your game
  • Ability to restrict the crafting scene to only show certain recipes (e.g. all cooking recipes but no blacksmith recipes)
  • Use tools and ingredients to produce products or waste products if the craft fails
  • Discover new recipes via events or by the player using an item in game
  • Extends the functionality of CGMV Professions










How to Use

Import into plugin manager and enable the plugin. Some customization options are able to be altered.



Plugin (along with all my other plugins) can be found here: LINK

For a profession system that works well with this crafting plugin, use my CGMV Professions: LINK

Requires CGMV Core, which can be found here: LINK


Credit & Terms



Version Info


- Initial release

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