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Astrid & The Witch (Early demo)

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Astrid & The Witch follows a 70 year old woman named Astrid trying to get her favorite book back after lending it to her new neighbor. Said neighbor,known only as The Witch, is an otherworldly entity hiding in Earths dimension in what she thought was an abandoned house in the middle of the woods. While she can't shake the feeling somethings up with her neighbor, Astrid isn't one to judge someone by how they look.
After this elderly lady manages to break through every one of her wards (and has the audacity to invite her to the neighborhoods weekly book club after doing so),The Witch has no choice but to send Astrid to a different dimension,leaving her to survive against whatever monsters she meets outside of earths physical plane.

Astrid still wants that book,though.






- You are a grandma
- Original 16x16 assets and illustrations!
- Crafting system: Craft spells from resources you find around you
- Spell levels: The more you use certain spells,the more damage they'll cause.
- 4 different maps, 8 different enemies




- Yanfly

- SumRndmDde

- Galv's Scripts

- Mokusei Penguin

- Victor Engine

- Astra Cat


Sound effects are a mix of default se and sounds made with Bfxr. https://www.bfxr.net/


All art by me! :] 




Thank you in advance if you give my demo a try! :] Its my first time making anything like this and I've had a ton of fun doing it.


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Demo has been updated.

List of updates:

  • Stats of all enemies and allies redone 
  • All skill damage redone
  • Tutorial more cohesive
  • Interact-able objects more apparent
  • Crafting costs redone (less grinding)
  • Shops redone
  • Minor changes like text color in battle,etc


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Updated to 1.2!

List of updates:



- Moving backgrounds (my personal favorite)

- Controls are on the splash screen before game 

- MUSIC! Map music,smaller enemy music,boss music (except for Agnes and Lumen. I'm still mixing their tracks!),victory music,losing music. 
(Tracks are little quiet right now compared to the sound effects but this will be fixed in the next update. You can turn down the SE volume in Options.)

- Enemies have a new pose just for attacks!

- Minor text color changes in battle (part two electric boogaloo) 

- Slightly more XP gained per battle 

- Guarding now adds a buff to your defense and magic attack.

Changes planned for 1.3: 

- More battle system changes! Not much has been changed in that department this update,but I want to go back to the drawing board and make things less static. 

- *Possible* Sneak peek at some cutscenes. I want to keep them separate until the final release,but I might add some in early.



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