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Police Tilesets

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Edit:  I forgot to mention:  I work with RPG Maker VX Ace


Hi there!

I was thinking about possibly making a very short game (maybe an hour of gameplay) to upload just for fun on Newgrounds.  It is supposed to be a detective mystery set in modern times with a few fantasy twists.  The main character is a detective, and the other party members are going to be some sort of cop.  If anyone knows of some good modern tilesets and character sets (especially if there are some good "cop" face and character sets).  As I've mentioned, this project is going to be free.  I have no problem attributing anything I put up to the relevant people, especially if they are also on Newgrounds.  If you're worried about what you'd be contributing to, please see the disclaimer below.  If you still have questions, feel free to ask, either here or in a private message.

I really hope that someone can help with this!


Disclaimer:  In case someone was worried, this will be a modern setting, but *NO* modern politics will be in play.  If I mention anything outside of the city it would be in reference to laws, or passing mentions of the state (though I don't think I'll even do that much because it's not really necessary for the story.)  The actual themes of the game will deal with crime, but there won't be anything more than you'd see on your average detective procedural (violence, gangs, drugs, prostitution, and possibly bad puns).

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