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Grid Battle Engine

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To help game developers build the battle system of their dreams, I've developed the Grid Battle Engine, which is a suite of plugins that allow you to add new mechanics to your game.




The Grid Battle Engine allows you to turn your default battle system, into a grid battle system!

First you start with your default battle system like this




And then you add grid battle on top, to turn it into this!




It’s basically the default battle system that you’re familiar with, except we add a couple things to it


  1. One or more grids.
  2. Battler positions on each grid.

So what’s so special about grid battle? Isn’t it just changing where the sprites appear?


The grid battle engine itself allows you to create and manage grids. You can then install add-on plugins that will provide additional mechanics depending on what kind of battle system you want to make.


For example, one of the add-ons allows you to create Area of Effect targeting, which allows you to create your own area of effects and then assign them to your item or skills so that you can target multiple battlers with a single action!




With the grid battle engine, you can add a lot of new functionality to your battle system without having to change the rest of your game. You can also use different types of battle systems in the same game, for example if you wanted to create some mini-game arena challenges, or have a map-based battle for certain parts of the game.

The possibilities are endless.




Get it here: https://himeworks.com/2020/08/grid-battle-engine/
Terms of Use: https://himeworks.com/terms-of-use/


To get started, I recommend following this tutorial that I've provided with the initial release. It's a quick "getting started" guide to see if you can add it to your (existing) project.
The core plugin is set up with defaults that will allow you to just plug and play and have grids in your game. I've included the "Grid Target Area" plugin as part of the bundle which provides area of effects.


Add-on plugins will be listed here as they are developed.


Here's a video of a "grid selection" add-on that is currently in development.


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