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Does anybody have Yami's "Classical Active Time Battle" script?

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I've been looking for an ATB (Active Time Battle) script for such a long time now, and I recently discovered Yami's Classical Active Time Battle script. It does exactly what I need it to: making the player choose their skills quickly before the enemy kills the player first. However, the link to the script is dead. So my question is does anyone have this script or know where else I could find it? FYI, I tried some other ATB-like scripts, but they either don't do what I needed them to or they require Yami's script as a base.


EDIT: I found the script, but it keeps crashing every time an enemy dies, and you can't use it when loading up an old save. So does anyone know where I can get a script that does the same thing as Yami's script (compatible with Yanfly's Ace Battle System) but works when loading up an old save?

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