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I have a question in regards to Yanfly's System Option script for RPG Maker VX Ace. There is an option where you can create your own switches and variables in the game options menu, but there's not a whole lot I know about coding. However with what I want to do I think I can tackle this if I can get some ideas from you guys. I'm looking to create a switch option for the player to enable or disable English dub since I will be including English voice overs for my game. 


Any advice on how I can create an on/off switch for English Dub in the game's system options?

You all have been a great big help, if anyone could help me with this I would be deeply appreciated.


~ Omar

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    # -------------------------------------------------------------------------
      :switch_1  => [ 00, "Name", "Off Text", "On Text", 
                     "Help Window Description"
    # -------------------------------------------------------------------------

    # :switch_1,     # Custom Switch 1. Adjust settings below.

These are the only settings you need to worry about.

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