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I'm new at this so I'm learning how to use this as I go. At the moment I'm trying to make an item/skill to bring the character to a campground to rest and save. Getting to the camp is easy, but I need to make it so the item saves your position on the map you transfer from for the "event" that transfers you back from camp. Any help at all is appreciated.

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I don't use MV really, but I am pretty sure you can do this the same way you can in other RPG Makers... with the event command to set variables you can tell the game to store the player's x position, y position, or the current map ID to a variable, and the event command to transfer to a new location/map lets you select variables to use as the x/y/map id to transfer to. So basically you have to set three different variables for x/y/map id and select the same ones to use as the x/y/map id when transferring.

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