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Hello! Hello! Newbie here!

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Hello, everyone! 


I'm NumbeRED39, but I go by different nicks on different sites, my most used ones being Kutao Izumi and Rollinlol. 

So if I post content with those names involved, that's still me, lol. 


I like anime, videogames and I draw sometimes. I also tried writing but I'm not that good at it, ahah. 


I've been working with RPG Maker VX Ace for quite some time now, I was introduced to the series a long time ago with RPG Maker VX and fell in love with it, but never found the guts to join any communities and stick around.


Right now I'm in the process of making my first finished game, so I thought I would join a community where I could ask for feedback or information. 


Nice to meet y'all! 

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