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This is Yär Kalden Nihyla - Eksoduz, a little spaceship-economy simulation with turn-based ship battles & pseudo-CGA graphics.

I crafted almost anything in the game by myself, including graphics & music.


I was inspired by Organ Trail, Das Drachental, Dune, StrarCraft & Dark Souls.

The world is based on a Sci-Fi novel by me.

The music is a mixture of Minimal House, Black Metal & Breakbeat.



It is the year 4000, Emperor Edzel II. offers you that his spies watched that the Mondra are up to invade & devour the Kouray-system.

You are captain of a space-ship & must reach a worm hole at the other side of the solar system to embark for a better world without the Mondra scourge. What plans does the Emperor scheme with you & your crew?

Is it a religious mission?

Or something political or personal?

Either way, you don't want to disappoint Edzel II..







You can play as three races.


The Sechtim/ Humans:

Humans are an evil, aggressive race that only lives to gain profit & they don't know higher virtues than exploiting ressources.

As legend has it Humans descent from a remote industrial world called "Earth". 

They arrived in the Kouray system 200 years ago. The Human society is a complex caste system of genetically modified subraces like the mining class Polugon, or their deadly Tenpoulon knights. To compensate their inferiority in population &

labor power, they created the psychic android slaves called Hukkyko.

The Sechtim Empire, the federation of mankind, has come to conquer the Kouray system & gain power over the other highly developed races.

The new homeworld of mankind & the Sechtim Empire is the dismal mining colony Edemya.



The Parjaaki:

Parjaaki are close to nature living cyclops, who value honor & bravery the most.

Their homeplanet Tsudemii is a cold desert of ice but a profitable source of Sularmyt ore. 

Because of the imperialist nature of both Humans & Ifevla the once antagonized Parjaaki clans have put their arguments aside

to form a mighty Union against the other races in the system.



The Ifevla:

Ifevla are proud mercenary giants, who are highly psychic & excellent merchants.

Their capital planet is Taurunukkaha, a water world with almost no valuable ressources.

The lack of natural goods in their home world forced them to develop extrasensory manipulative skills.

Mind tricks they use to exploit trading partners & to enslave other races like the Naydosu.

They worship a mysterious, arcane religion, nobody who isn't an Ifevla is able to understand.

The Ifevla are all citizens of a covenant, a loose (almost failed) federal state, but tend

to pledge more loyalty to their numerous guilds.


And there are various other races you come across your journey.





*turn-based battle



*prices of goods vary depending on the space-station

*do you have enough food or fuel aboard

*3 playable races

*rest in space-stations

*find treasures, loot!

*various mini-games & encounter

*only save in space-stations

*just one healing item at a time

*various items, equipment, goods, upgrades, maneuvers & slaves

*difficult enemy encounters

*beat the highscore!















Here's the link to my Magenta-cloud:






Kam-ra di ra seyn, commander!





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