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This game contents violence & use of drugs.



Well, I finished a remaster of my all-time classic "Knocka Dora" I programmed a few years ago.
It's now completely in English!




"Knocka Dora - Re-knocked" is a Horror-Adventure-game with Action-RPG-elements, stamina-system
& an absurd sense of humour.

I was inspired by

* Clocktower
* Agoraphobia (Meister Räbbit)
* Dark Souls
* Kafka's "The Metamorphosis"
* own experiences I gathered in a nut house :)
* my babycake *:

I crafted almost everything in this game by myself. (If this is a good thing you have to answer for yourself lel.) [:



The game is set in a German mental-health hospital in the year 1999.
Doreen overacted again.
After various drug benders she winded up in a psychiatric ward again.
But in two weeks she will be released, when suddenly an ancient evil, which haunts the hospital for decades, embarks once again & slingshots Doreen into an alternate reality.


Changes to the original game:

* completely in English
* Stamina-system, altered ABS
* graphics completely in a 16-bit-esque, minimalistic retro-style
* a few new songs
* highscore at the end of the game
* and here & there a little tweet or gag, I thought was funny when I made it :)




Marco... Polo!
You socialize in the smoker's lounge of the hospital. And socialize means smoking without a break & don't say a word for hours.



Supplier of electric energy hate that trick!
How you can save energy costs with this infestation.



Refresh your health at the sinks in the hospital.



Refresh your soul in this beautiful park in the night.



Refresh your... WHAT THE FU** happened here!?





!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Here's the link to my Magenta-Cloud!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Have fun. :)


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