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Hello random user who stumbled across this thread! If you are interested in helping develop a game called "Tinker Calamity Red" then just let me know on this thread, or if you want to be more professional, then here is my email: (lavalord96@gmail.com) I don't really mind how you get in contact with me. Now I'm going to come right out and say this; I cannot provide any money for the work, as this game is FREE, and for good reason. We are currently looking for people who can create digital art and pixel art, we need Graphic designers for character faces and scenes primarily. We need pixel artists for sprites, and for objects within the game world. We aren't primarily looking for people who can create original music just yet, however we are always welcoming. Again if you're interested and you think that you have the skills necessary let me know; I'll invite you to our Discord Server and we can do an interview!(You have to join the discord server so that you may communicate with the other designers.) One last thing to note; the game's alpha has already been released on gamejolt! So you can go check it out for yourself to see if you're interested. Link: https://gamejolt.com/games/Tinker_Calamity_Red/532200

Requirements (software):
-The painting and photo editor software known as "GIMP" Here is there site: www.gimp.org
-Discord (Discord Server: https://discord.gg/9rAs4q)

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