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A spell that deals damage equal to party's total MP and costs all their MP

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So I recently have been able to play around with rpg maker vx ace due to college and I wanted to know if it is both possible and how to make a spell that does damage based on current mana and cost all of the characters current mana, without the use of any plugs in. 

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Hmmm...One can use (a.mp) in the damage formula for current MP.

However, to have it also cost 100% MP without external scripting is not possible unless you know how to write it out in script calls.

Seriously though, you only need one script. Yanfly's Adjust Limits.

With that installed, you would put the following in the skill's notetag:
mp cost: 100%

And it would cost the entirety of the user's MP, plus whatever is set in the editor (make sure to set that to zero).

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Posted (edited)

You could put this in the skill's damage formula:

d=0; $game_party.battle_members.each {|a| d+=a.mp; a.mp=0}; d

It will add each battle member (allies)'s MP into damage value and set their MP to 0.


So, for example,  if,

actor 1 has 10/10 MP

actor 2 has 10/25 MP

actor 3 has 20/23 MP

actor 4 has 10/77 MP


The skill will deal 50 damage (+variance% if set) and set all battle actors' MP to 0. It won't count party members outside the battle.


Is this what you're looking for?



I altered the thread's title to give it a more meaningful one.

Edited by Rikifive

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I completely misread that as the MP of the one user, not the entire party. Such is how easy it is to misinterpret borked English.

Still, I knew I had part of it with a.mp. I tried, at least.

I definitely am taking notes here.

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