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change opacity of options

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Hi everyone.
I am using a script that allows to change the opacity of the message boxes so it doesn't look dark when player is on a dark map that uses shadows and highlights. example: I use Khas Awesome Light Effects.

Script to change opacity of message box (window skin):


The message boxes look bright, (opacity 255) but the choices looks dark. Look this image:



How can I change the opacity of the choices? thanks.

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Looks to me like that script should change all windows, so that's probably not actually the problem. Khas Awesome Light Effects can be really wonky sometimes when it comes to layering and renders over things it shouldn't. One of the problems is that windows like the choice window (such as the number input, key item selection, and such) are never given a proper z value (used for draw order).


I stopped using Khas Awesome Light Effects a while ago myself.

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Looks like the issue lies in opacity and z-values. I've never tried Khas' Light Effects, and as complex as it is am unlikely to ever do so...

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