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Hey y'all !


I'm Cag3000 ! I'm a young 111 years old man who is a HUGE fan of gaming ! (Yes, the 111 is on purpose, but no, I'm not 11 >_<)


I play all sorts of games (FPS, RPG...), and love all sorts of characters (Mario, Cloud...)


I have a lot of knowledge of Gaming, from the NES, to the N64, passing by the PSOne... I just love Gaming !


As for RPG Maker, I started with RPG Maker VX. Back then, I was really bad at it, so I was just fooling around in the editor, making games (which sucked), practising mapping, eventing...


Now, I'm in RPG Maker VX Ace, and I'm starting my 1st real game ! I have posted my game on this forum already ;)


I have already posted my project (in progress) in another French forum, which I'm also called Cagt3000 there, and I have also posted it in the rpgmakerweb forums :)


So yeah, hope to have a great time here !


Signed, Cagt3000


FRENCH FORUM : http://rpg-maker-vx.bbactif.com/t11812-cagt3000

RPGMAKERWEB FORUM : Gotta wait for the admins to approve ;)

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