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Galv's Map Projectiles

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Map Projectiles
RPG Maker MZ Plugin

Shoot stuff on the map.




Create projectiles that can interact with player and events using script calls.
These projectiles can be fired from the player or an event and set to shoot in a direction, at a target or toward the mouse position. Settings can be used to control which projectiles will hit or run an action on other events, which terrain tag or region id tiles block them, different actions they will do when then hit the player or an event and more.

How to Use
- Copy the "GALV_MapProjectilesMZ.js" file into your project's /js/plugins/ folder.

- Create graphics for your projectiles in /img/pictures/ folder
- Activate plugin using the 'Plugin Manager'

- Read the 'HELP' documentation (also found in plugin manager) for more details and try the demo if you don't understand.

Get it here

Credit and Thanks
- Galv

Free to use in any RPG Maker MZ project including commercial. Please credit "Galv". :)

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