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Help a notetag noob with... well, notetags.

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I am trying to add a notetag to Actors (and only Actors), in this format...


<notetag: 3>

The notetag's function would be to read the integer (3) and return the icon and name of the armor (and only armor) associated with that ID number. That information would then be displayed in a draw_icon and draw_text call in a method that can tell which actor it is on.


For the life of me, I can't seem to get this to work. Now, I should note, I have avoided ever learning anything about making my own notetags in the 800 years since RPG Maker VX Ace came out, so I understand very little about how they work (but I do love that so many of you do know how they work, because scripts are pretty rad when we can just notetag stuff). I have tried to learn a little from looking at other scripts code, but I am sort of lost when a lot of the things in notetags that parse things looks like gibberish, and note tag code friendly seem to be written differently on a per-author basis.


So, please help another would-be scripter learn how to do this, and maybe I can apply that knowledge to updating some of my older scripts, too. :D


EDIT: I actually got the effect I wanted to work (with notetags!), so this issue is solved, but if we wanna use this thread to discuss note tag stuff I am all for that. 

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I was going to suggest an eval, but you figured it out already. Cool.

Did you know: you can put the following in the damage formula:
x == actors/classes/skills/items/enemies/states  y == ID
and have the interpreter evaluate the specified notetag instead? Neat huh?

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I use this little script for all my notetag needs. It's so much easier I think to make one script just for reading notetags rather then sticking a bunch of notetag stuff in every script I make!


You know notetag stuff is mostly why VE Passive States is so slow?

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