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Using a cellphone as a tool?

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I recently began working on a horror game with a couple of friends. We're still in the process of planning things out. I have an idea for a mechanic I want to use in the game, where the player can bring up a cell phone menu. Here they could have access to a flashlight, and maybe messaging and call features (these would not necessarily be functional, but would be something the player could TRY to use). I also want them to be able to receive messages and voicemails, even if they cannot send any. I'm pretty new to rpg maker, and was wondering if something like this was at all possible? If it isn't I'll just find some other solution, but I wanted to find out before I got too far into writing.

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If you're going to use lighting, be careful with various systems because some lighting systems are finicky COUGHKHASCOUGHCOUGH and tend to break other scripts or break themselves on occasion. It would be way better if we had the means of using picture events like we did with RM2003 because managing lighting systems that way was so much easier, even if one had to make several map-sized lighting images, it worked like a charm.

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