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I am an artist, writer, planner & musician interested in helping a solid project or starting one up...




  • World Builder: Natural environments with focus on creating niches for real ecosystems. Synthetic techno punk when needed. Built in every RPG Maker, favoring VX, made several incomplete games. Made some huge worlds for Neverwinter Nights & NwN2. love it.


World Map 500x500, showing 25% of total map :







  • Systems Theory: I can't code but I understand how to implement the i ching into a time cycle. I am interested in getting it to make roles like D&D, but for time / relationships. VERY interested in figuring out a tarot system to top ultima's. Played multiple mmorpg, everything square & or Enix ever made (lvl 90 Brd, Rng, Blu FFXI), Neverwinters, breath or fires, lufias, etc. etc.. I know what makes a good gaming experience & I need to make something because all the new games fall short; making me sad. ;-;
  • Writer: My favorite fantasy books are The Wheel of Time (waiting on towers =P), Every Tolkien Book, & The Hitchhiker's Guide. IRL I dig Kerouac, McKenna, James Joyce, Dostoevsky, Huxley, etc. I write automatically, so poems, lore, bard songs are specialties. I have a real love for planning epic stories on mindmaps & organizing them elementally. I especially want to speak for the disenfranchized poor in war-torn countries, the mages, the shamans & the druids. I am steeped in world mythos; irish, chinese, japanese, hebrew, buddhism, taoism, tarot, alchemy, etc. Crowley especially interests me: I actually own & have read 777 & Gemantria. I wield it like a philosopher's rosettastone of coincidencia oppositorum.
  • Parallax Artist: these take about 30 minutes in zbrush. They are not photoshopped and are raw to show the Baldur's like style.

With a little touch-up, texturing, lighting, render & photoedit, these can get very high quality. I like bryce for render lights.. I will post the final later .

  • Illustrator: and i love to draw without the computer.. my drawing is automatic & unplanned inspiration . Yoshitaka Amano is my art hero. More art here: http://acrology.blogspot.com/

Bard Sketch:



I cannot draw characters with precision unless they're 8-bit. I am suited landscapes, backgrounds, nature, devices, gears, etc. I currently do NOT draw characters or monsters graphically, but would enjoy illustrating concept work instead or learning how to make them virtually without taking days.

  • Electronica Musician, a.k.a. Hiraether: http://www.reverbnation.com/hiraether Gamer music, electro alternative style.
    • Windows 7 promo song "Vagabond 242 ADHD Indulgence" & MySpace promo song "Gnomish March (live)" artist 2010.

Should be everything. Check out my links for more; Nothing for sale, just using them as resumes. All my music & pictures are free to listen to / view. I would really enjoy doing a High Fantasy RPG work in the vein of Dragon Quest, but I also love (TB)SRPG like Baldur's, Dwarf Fortress, Civilization IV Fall Further From Heaven and would be more then happy to be on a project of the same caliber. My render style is very conducive to a map like Baldur's, but higher resolution. A combo JRPG system with SRPG elements / maps would be a great hybrid.


I CANNOT do all of these things at once, alone. So I must focus a couple jobs, or work with a team where I can skip around & work on different aspects with people. I am currently unemployed & applying for disability... so I should have some time on my hands.

  • I use RPG maker VX currently & I just got Ace, so I'm learning... actually that's what lead me here. ( ^_^)b

Please contact me if I fit your team or you have an idea so good we should build a team. -- Oneiromancer


Crystal Chamber (parallax):





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Hello and Welcome.


Your resume is quite impressive but I suggest to create less abstract drawings because they are difficult to integrate into RPG. Well, it is only my opinion.

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Welcome, always glad to see a new face. You've got quite the impressive write up going there, love the crystal chamber.


I hope to see some more of your work from whatever project you work on.

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