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Lets you set some states to update its turn after some seconds in TPBS




*    1. This plugin lets you set some states to have its turn count updated

*       after a set amount of seconds in TPBS




Games using this plugin

None so far




*    ## Notetag Info
*       1. Among all the same notetag types in the same data, only the 1st
*          can be effective
*       2. Each line can only have at most 1 notetag
*       3. The following is the structure of all notetags in this plugin:
*          - <doublex rmmz countdown states>
*          - <countdown states>
*          Where contents are in the form of type suffixes: entries
*          Either of the above can be used, but the 1st one reduce the chance
*          of causing other plugins to treat the notetags of this plugin as
*          theirs, while the 2nd one is more user-friendly
*          - type is one of the following:
*            1. interval
*          - suffixes is the list of suffixes in the form of:
*            suffix1 suffix2 suffix3 ... suffixn
*            Where each suffix is either of the following:
*            val(The notetag value will be used as-is)
*            switch(The value of the game switch with id as the notetag value
*                   will be used)
*            var(The value of the game variable with id as the notetag value
*                will be used)
*            (Advanced)script(The value of the game variable with id as the
*                            notetag value will be used as the contents of
*                            the functions to be called upon using the
*                            notetag)
*          - The this pointer of the script suffix is the battler involved
*            (Game_Battler.prototype)
*          - entries is the list of entries in the form of:
*            entry1, entry2, entry3, ..., entryn
*            Where entryi must conform with the suffixi specifications
*    # State Notetags
*      1. interval condSuffix intervalSuffix: condEntry, intervalEntry
*         - Sets the state to be a countdown state having its turn counter
*           updated with interval being the returned value of intervalEntry
*           in TPBS if condEntry returns a truthy result
*         - condSuffix can be val, switch or script
*         - intervalEntry can be val, var or script
*         - The result of condEntry can be anything as only whether it's
*           truthy matters
*         - If the result of condEntry is falsy, this notetag will be
*           discarded upon such use cases
*         - The result of intervalEntry must be a Number
*         - intervalEntry being positive means the state turn counter will be
*           decreased every intervalEntry seconds
*         - intervalEntry being 0 means the state turn counter will be frozen
*         - intervalEntry being negative means the state turn counter will be
*           increased every intervalEntry seconds
*         - E.g.:
*           <countdown states interval switch val: 1, 2> will set the state
*           to be a countdown state having its turn counter decreased every
*           2 seconds if the game switch with id 1 is on



Author Notes


DoubleX RMMZ State Triggers can be useful when setting some events to happen upon updating the countdown state turn counters





1. DoubleX RMMZ Enhanced Codebase


1. Nothing special




*      1. The default plugin parameters file name is
*         DoubleX_RMMZ_TPBS_Countdown_States
*         If you want to change that, you must edit the value of
*         DoubleX_RMMZ.TPBS_Countdown_States.PLUGIN_NAME, which must be done
*         via opening this plugin js file directly



Terms Of Use


*      1. Commercial use's always allowed and crediting me's always optional.
*      2. You shall keep this plugin's Plugin Info part's contents intact.
*      3. You shalln't claim that this plugin's written by anyone other than
*         DoubleX or my aliases. I always reserve the right to deny you from
*         using any of my plugins anymore if you've violated this.
*      4. If you repost this plugin directly(rather than just linking back),
*         you shall inform me of these direct repostings. I always reserve
*         the right to request you to edit those direct repostings.
*      5. CC BY 4.0, except those conflicting with any of the above, applies
*         to this plugin, unless you've my permissions not needing follow so.
*      6. I always reserve the right to deny you from using this plugin
*         anymore if you've violated any of the above.





*      Authors:
*      1. DoubleX
*      Plugin Development Collaborators:
*      - None So Far
*      Bug Reporters:
*      - None So Far
*      Compatibility Issue Raisers:
*      - None So Far
*      Feature Requesters:
*      - None So Far





*      { codebase: "1.1.0", plugin: "v1.00a" }(2020 Oct 30 GMT 1300):
*      1. 1st version of this plugin finished



Download Link

Demo Link

Edited by DoubleX

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