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I need help with balancing issues

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I'm trying to make a Fangame based off of Dragon Quest 2, and I'm just testing stuff out right now, but I'd like to know how to make things more DQ2y, as in all the defaults are like characters with stats in the thousands, but in dq2 you have like 200 HP at max level, so I try lowering all my character's stats and all enemies stats, but the game still seems to treat everything like the preset stats are the standard, and my characters and enemies are astronomically weak, how do I keep the low stats but not have to deal with the game making me do like one damage to enemies with one defense stat?

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You probably need to change the damage formulas for skills. According to this article, the attack formula for the Dragon Quest games is usually (Attack Strength – (Opponent Defense / 2)) / 2 which would be (a.atk – (b.def / 2)) / 2 in RPG Maker (for VX Ace anyway, I think it's the similar in MV/MZ too but not sure). Though I am not sure if this is really your problem because I don't think the default formula is that different. Also maybe you forgot about balancing for equipment? A large chunk of a character's stats is based on the equipment they use after all.


Other then that, there probably are a lot of little things you might want to tweak with scripts/plugins to get everything working perfectly. The article I linked to above also links to this which is a really deep look into how all the math in the first two Dragon Quest games work, so in theory it would be possible to go through and rewrite everything to work the same way. How much work this would actually involved depends, but it's likely to be a lot. Honestly I am not sure if it's really worth it in most cases. That's the problem with RPG Maker fangames in a nutshell: There are often a ton of little quirks that become hard to translate into RPG Maker exactly without lotsa coding and really in depth knowlage.

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