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Hello Maker! Thanks for stopping to read my post.

The following happens: I understand that the Tilesets in RPG Maker XP are 256x sizes ???

Whatever you want long, and each tile is 32x32.

The problem is that I downloaded some resources, they were not at 256, but at 96. I opened Photoshop, I converted it to 256 wide and when exporting it to the XP editor the Tiles were cut or merged, that is, they are not 32 by 32.

The only solution is to build Tile resources by Tile? That is, open the resource that interests you, cut, let's say a sign to 32x32 and copy it to another 256xYYY image?

Can you do Parallax in XP? Well, it is easier to do the whole map in PS and just add it as an image.

Thank you! I add image of the resource that I used as Tileset (But it is not the only one in which I have had this problem) Sorry about my English, I'm using a translator.





[spoiler="Imagen del error"]error_10.jpgtile_d10.png


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Looks like you misaligned the image! if you want to make a tileset image larger, make sure you got everything aligned to a 32x32 grid.  You shouldn't need to do it tile by tile, you should be able to slide the image around until it's all aligned right.

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All XP tilesets are eight tiles wide. 8*32 == 256 px
However, XP tilesets can be nigh infinitely long, as long as the length is divisible by 32 px. I think the limit is sixty-something thousand px or so, which the largest XP tileset I've ever seen was about 11,000 px in length.

I hope that helped.

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