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rpg maker xp RMXP Chrono Trigger Is it possible? Help!!!

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❤️ ❤️ ❤️ CHRONO TRIGGER❤️ ❤️ ❤️


I tried this jewel, for me the biggest in the crown, if not the crown itself when it comes to RPG video games, when I was about 5 years old.
I played it 30 minutes and lost it, because I was playing it on an Xbox emulator that had multiple Snes games.
But they were enough for me to never forget it.

Years later I was able to play the DS remake, and then I played the original on a Snes emulator, and to this day I am playing it again on PC.

What I always loved about this game was its BATTLE SYSTEM:

  1. The System is Rpg in turns but in continuous time, you can stay stopped and the enemies will attack you.
  2.  It is positional, that is, your attacks will have an effect according to the position of your PC, such as Chrono spinning with his katana, or attacking in a straight line.
  3. The battlefield is the same map you move on, so there are no randomized combats, at all times you can see your enemies and when you have contact with them the fight will begin, except in cases where some enemies are hidden and mugged.
  4. As the battlefield is the same map you play on, THERE ARE NO TRANCISIONS, like a clasical Final Fantasy or Pokémon Game where the screen goes dark and you switch to the battle screen; saving the player a lot of time and keeping it in a constant rhythm.
  5. The attacks of the characters are combinable, both of your team and those of the enemies, the latter forcing you to think which enemy you eliminate first so that he cannot throw you at his partner as a projectile or wait for the lesser enemies to be accommodate to execute them of a technique.


Chrono Trigger Battle Tutorial



Short Gameplay




Finally in Chrono Cross (the sequel), the transitions came back, and it changed the whole game but they added an interesting component, the Weak Strike, Medium Strike and Heavy Strike from a classic fighting game, they moved it to the RPG, giving the opportunity to do combos according to your strategy in battle.
It would also be interesting to add weapons that break, or the use of ammunition such as arrows

The question is, can a Chrono Trigger Battle System be achieved in RPG Maker XP? With the additions that I mention
I have repatted several forums in both Spanish and English and I have not found any Script with that Battle System.
I have seen the Script of Weapons that break, that of ammunition, but not the battle system on the map.
To what I found were several real-time combat systems but always side battle
Even though! There is a Script called Vision Sensor that causes an event to be activated according to the player entering the sensor zone, which may well be contact with an enemy, or an enemy seeing you and heading towards you as in Pokémon.


Nor have I found a script that does weak, medium and strong hit. Is it difficult to learn RGSS2? I deviate, what I'm really looking for and I have hopes, not that it exists, but that it can develop is:

Is there a script in RPG Maker XP that uses the map as a battlefield?
Is there a way to recreate Chrono Trigger's combat system in RMXP or is it Impossible due to its programming language

Finally, I know that this is possible in RPG Maker MV, that there is a whole Engine that Moghunter made:




Otherwise I guess I'll have to move to RPG Maker MV (?)  😢 😢 😢

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Technically just about anything is possible in XP. Ruby is a Turing Complete language ya know. That's a fancy way of saying it can do basically anything! Of course just because you are theoretically able to doesn't mean it's easy... Anyway not sure if anyone has already made a script for that. Think there might have been something like that for VX Ace at one point, but for XP? I have no idea.

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On 11/16/2020 at 7:58 PM, SrPoeMaker said:

Is it difficult to learn RGSS2?

RGSS2 == RPG Maker VX
RGSS == RPG Maker XP

Difficult? The question would be better asked like this:
"Is the language accessible to my learning spec?" which only you can answer.

I'm not sure if there is or ever was any Chrono Trigger/Series features/engines made for XP/VX/Ace, though I am aware of having battles on the map being a thing in VX and Ace (and I'm sure XP). The battle systems between Trigger and Cross are completely different; I don't think one could emulate both in the same game. Yikes, what a mess that would actually be, lolz

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