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Hello everyone! Been awhile since last time!
While I hope everyone of you is doing ok with their stuff, I know for a fact I'm not lmao


BASICALLY yesterday I tried this script by Victor Engine: https://victorenginescripts.wordpress.com/rpg-maker-vx-ace/automatic-battlers/
While it sounds excellent in concept, for some reason I cannot make it work for my own enemies in my game.

  1. If I simply put the strategies in the note box and the flag "Automatic Battler" in the enemy's trait, the enemy will do nothing but normal attacks. It will ignore having other strategies possible, it will ignore that none of those strategies have a normal attack, it will ignore that some of those strategies don't have conditions, and are therefore always options, it will ignore not even having the attack skill in its skillset and it will even ignore when I forbid it to use normal attacks (in battle it will STILL try to, failing and doing nothing 'cause it can't).
  2. If I want, by the script, to make it use random skills, conditions or not, it will crash, saying:
    "Script 'name of the script' line 578: NameError occured.

    undefined local variable or method 'usable_skills' for
    # <Game_Enemy:0xcab55fc>"

(note that I literally copied and pasted the method used in the script to use a random skill.

So... can anyone help? If you need more info I'm willing to give'em

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Yeah; they goofed (BIG TIME) when creating auto-battling/confusion/berserk states in that it auto-faults to whatever the internal ID is for 'Normal Attack', so you're gonna need more scripts/code it yourself to change that. In fact, there's an issue with some scripts and making actors/enemies auto-fight/berserk, which dearest love @Kayzee had helped me with, some time back (it's not related to the script in question unfortunately).

Oh, yes, I'm sure she'll be able to help, when she comes around...

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