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OTHER The Legend of Zelda: The Trident of Power [RPGMaker 2003]

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For many generations, the Hero has faced the Demon King, who has used countless resources to strengthen his power. At some point, a tribe of sorcerers corrupted by darkness, forged a weapon called “The Trident of Power”. Even still, the bravery of the Hero was always great, and the Demon King was defeated and sealed in the Dark World, a parallel dimension. However, the Trident remained... The ancient Seven Sages, in a mortal attempt to destroy the weapon, only managed to shatter it into 7 pieces. These were given to the strongest races of the continent.

Hyrule and Tylistem, are two kingdoms that have coexisted in peace for centuries, but this harmony will be disturbed by a group of people who, from the shadows, have created a meticulous plan... They believe that it will lead into a world changing revolution.


An adventure made 100% by and for fans!

Live through a dark history about war, treason and great desires that will put at risk the peace of an entire continent.

30+ hours of exploration and adventure!
Lots of secrets, sidequests and many minigames await you in the enormous kingdoms of Tylistem and Hyrule.

Classic action system of 16 Bit videogames!
See epic battles and diverse mechanics using the classic system of an authentic 2D Zelda game.





-Action RPG
Fully functional battle system based on sword, shield and a large number of secondary weapons. Complemented with a wide range of enemies with different AI that when defeated will drop certain items.


-System of Hearts, Rupees and Magic:
Being as faithful as possible to the general concept that have the official games of this franchise, was programmed a system of life based on hearts, a system of money based on rupees (which will depend on the size of our bag) and the magic we will need to use more than one secondary weapon.


-Custom Key System:
Thanks to DynRpg plugins, the game has the ability to use any key at will. Keys like "A", "S", "D", "Alt", will be useful in this game to make the comfort of playing as complete as possible.


-Data Storage System:
This game has a custom entry in which to start your adventure you can choose your name with a fully customized system. In addition to this, when you start the game you will see in the boxes different data of what you will carry in your adventure, you will be able to see the equipment or how many hearts you have in two different games!


-Personalized menu:
Fully customized system in which you can observe your equipment, your secondary weapons, save your adventure and even a system of options that will allow us to configure aspects of the game to make your experience in the game as pleasant as possible.


-System of Shops:
Customized system to obtain all kinds of objects in the game. All based on the system of rupees.


-Bank System:
System to keep your money in a bank. You can deposit and withdraw money from it.












-The game will try to be as linear as possible, delivering a varied range of sidequest as well as offering different alternatives to the main story line. We will be able to choose to go to one dungeon before another and see what consequences that will have.


-You don't need to have the RTP installed in order to play.


-The game has an integrated patch of autoenter with what the customized title was realized.


-The soundtrack of the game is mostly MP3 files, so the game has a considerable weight.


-The game consists of a saved system based on cheackpoint. It can be saved at any time, but you must bear in mind that you will return to the last cheackpoint you have activated.


-Needless to say, this is a fangame, not for profit, but with the respective credits to the creators of the original idea.


-The game will not be encrypted, so any player who wants to open it with the maker and see how the different engines were programmed is free to do so.


-The basic program used for the game while it is the Rpg Maker 2003, is also being used the program created by Cherry, Ultimate Rpg Maker 2009.







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