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Diversity XP Mack Template Pack For VX/ACE - 12 Recolours!

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- Diversity XP Mack Pack Edits -
We need some diversity on RPG MAKER too! 
They are not much.. But i really wanted to make them and share them!
Also this is my first resource post i hope you like them!

They are NOT loose Leaf templates.
They are XP templates made for RPG Maker VX and RPG Maker VX ACE
You can check out the same sprites for XP here.

I used the basic XP RTP chara template (Which is the No.4) and i made 11 colour skin tone edits of RPG MAKER XP templates.
In Total 12 Recolours! (The No.4 is the original i didn't made it!)
I also edit draw them a little to fix nicer some pixels.

I made Elf and Human templates in Male and Female.



Credits to:
RPG maker XP
Chara Maker XP (For one very dark template that helped me to make better edits)

Terms of Use:
Free to use for non-commercial and commercial games AS LONG as you give Enterbrain credits (because i don't want any trouble)
Feel free to edit them (credits are still needed)

Credit my name (RedRose190/TheRamenGirl) for people to find them templates too. Thanks!



Edited by TheRamenGirl
New Links and Sprite Updates

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