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"Swans in the Wallow" is a retro-horror-mystery-adventure-game with RPG elements in insane 16 colors!!

Almost everything in this game I made myself: graphics, music, engine.

In classic adventure style you move through rooms, choose actions and solve puzzles.

This gameplay is loosened up by turn-based RPG combat encounters.

The game is packed with deep nostalgia for ancient text-adventure classics, subcultural references & love for mindf*** plots.



Somewhere in East Germany: You wake up in your vacation home after a two-day blackout. But where is your husband Erik?

Nobody has noticed or knows how to help you further.

Neither the local metalhead savages, nor this ominous religious community that has sealed itself off from the outside world on an old farm for years.

You can't get rid of the suspicion that there are dark influences at work here:

is it the local satanists, the ooze from the surrounding swamp or is it the nameless cult?

Will the residents finally break their silence or will the "spirits" of nature lead you into your husband's arms once again?



Genre: Adventure, RPG

Topic: mystery, horror

Language: English

Duration: ca. 2 hours

Features: Limited resources, few save points, go for the high score (!)



Das Drachental, The Wind, Faith, Alone In The Dark, Resident Evil 7, Hidetaka Miyazaki, H. P. Lovecraft, Beherit, Taake, Neurosis, Leslie Gore, my bae (Ruby)



For the music I chose a mixture of Dark Ambient, Black Metal, Drum & Bass & Electro.


Here is the link for the OST of "Swans in the Wallow": 

The Swans OST












Download link: 

!!!!!!!!!! Here is the link to my ONEDRIVE!!!!!!!!!!



Thanks to my darling who always supports me.


(My high score is 35 btw)






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Update to version 1.50!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! \\\\0////
+ bug-fixes
+ besides moving by selecting n, w, e, s you see the place you go to ("go to north - living room")
+ nostalgic video-effect
+ different text colours for different characters
+ various minor changes

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I played it a little. I really like what you've done here. the art style really works well. This is my kinda game. One thing I would suggest (I know its difficult sometimes) is more detailed version update logs, for example "bug fixes" could be greatly expanded. Can I ask what engine you made this in?

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Nice that u like it. 🙂

U commented the very moment I did a little upgrade. :}


+ RTP error was fixed

+ the size of the game was reduced to ~200MB


(I made it in 2003 RPG Maker) 🙂

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