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ace Well-Done Seasons in an RPG

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Since late last year I have resolved to put well-done seasons in an RPG. I wanted to talk a bit about ideas surrounding the use of a year calendar, and seasons.



Using a Year Calendar script, weather/climate script, and a tile switcher script, I plan to incorporate a few features.


  • Calendar menu feature that displays major annual holidays and events, as well as allows the player to set dates and reminders, and doing time skip stuff where you take an entire season (or what's left of it) and do a generic action to 1) skip time, 2) gain loot, XP, and potentially other stuff. Examples would be adventuring, exploring, going to war, working as a local lawman, doing an apprenticeship with the Order of Magic. Or you can do seasonal actions. Examples are farming  in the summer, hunting in the winter or fall, fishing in the spring, etc. These would skip chunks of time and provide me with options for rewards, risks (random stat drop risks depending on action, and proportionate to average rewards), etc.
  • Seasonal changes on maps which aren't tropical or polar in nature. Using carefully edited tile sheets that all match, but change based on season, the maps will go from lush green to white-capped as the climate and weather patterns change.
  • Seasonal holidays and quests/events. Each season will offer some unique buzz in the world from holidays stuff, seasonal quests & NPCS, etc.
  • Resource changes will take place, meaning during the winter months, certain plants won't be able to be harvested, etc.
  • Items will change in some stores to reflect what's going on, and prices may change, so that items found only in winter, will be worth more in the summer time, and vice versa.
  • I have more ideas but these are the main ones.



I'm interested in what people think of these, and what ideas you have seen or maybe have of your own.

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I had the idea of having seasons in my game project at one time, mostly affecting what enemies show up in dungeons. I was also fiddling with making a fairly complex lunisolar calendar based on old runic calendars for special events and such. I don't think I actually will use those ideas in my final game though, bit too much of a bother.

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It's too much of a bother for a few features, I agree. That's why I'm trying to make that bother and workload impact many features and aspects of the game, Especially changing the mid-climate region tiles. That is so key. I've taken steps to make this easier by eliminating the overworld map, which makes seasonal changes so much easier.


I sort of want do to this for my Bound-like. I really, really think it will work well for it. The core seasons and tile shifting/holidays, and the calendar, not so much the time skip actions, which were for a high fantasy concept.



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