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Elemental Resistance and Weakness in menu

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is there anyway to put elemental weakness and resistance on menu?
i not really want to put "resist 50% wind damage" or "take 200% of thunder damage" on equipments descriptions and i don't think it fits with the game i am going for
anyway i checked yanfly menu plugin and it seems you can add new categories to it but i am not really a scripter so i have no idea how to put a category
showing elemental resistance and weakness i tried to search but could not find any.

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Not trying to necro, but I'm working on a similar issue.
I was able to pull elemental resistances with @actor.element_rate(n)  within the main Yanfly script needed for the plugin above, but I can't for the life of me figure out the variables or the methodology to pull state resistances (immunity OR rate.) I've been looking online for hours.

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