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Looking for Advanced Ruby Scripter & Pixel Artist

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Hello All,


We are Jen&Sis Productions, and we are in need of two positions that we need help with regarding our new game. 😊


First, we need a Advanced Ruby Scripter! When our first game came out, there were ALOT of bugs because we were beginners, 😫 but for this next game, we want to do more advanced things with RPG Maker Vx Ace, such as a custom menu, game mechanics, on map battle mechanics, and just someone in general that will look over the game to make sure it is stable. We would like someone that can be with us for some time, because we may need help with future games.😁


Secondly, we need a Advanced Pixel Artist, that is very familiar with the sprites of RPG Maker Vx Ace. We need help with making some of our ideas come to light, and as we can do a fair amount of sprite editing, but the ideas we have, we honestly need help. 😅


If you are interested, we will go more in depth about what we need help with, as we are just in the process of adding more people to the team. Also, if you have a logo that goes with your brand, it will be showcased in the credits, as we are big into getting people's names out there. 🤩 Also, if what we are asking for is too much, compensation will be discussed and/or considered. 🤑 We just want our next game to be better than the first, and with that, we want to get more experienced people to work on this project with us! 🤗


Thank you for your time, and we hope to hear back from some of you all. This is Jen&Sis, signing off.

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