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[PAID][MV]Plugin Development for Combat System

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I am currently remaking an old IPhone Game called Dragon Island Blue however I need a Plugin Scripter to develop most importantly the Battle System. On Reddit we are over 200 members and on Discord over half that amount and some donated me so I can hire someone to develop the most important plugins.

This is let´s play of one of the admins of my discord a good combat part is between 6:50 - 9:00.

It´s a battle system similar to ATB but it works more around the tick-based system.
One tick is refered to as a TU - Turn Unit.
Which monster will make the first turn is determined by it´s speed, so the speed of the battlers is only useful when it joins battle.
Every attack has instead of mana or whatever other source turn units.
The number of turn Units a skill that is used has places them back into the queue accordingly. Then it will subtract the number of TUs equal to the monster that currently has the lowest TUs of all monsters bringing the first monster down to 0 which is able to make a move now.

In the game your party size will increase as you progress, if one monsters regardless of your team or the enemies it will be replaced by the next monster in the party queue. (you can not swap your party while in battle, only with one very specific skill and there is also a skill who kills the user and replaces it with a random monster at places it at the end of the queue, this will only last for the battle though).

There can only be 3 monsters at each side at the same time but the player is able to summon a spirit on it´s own 4th slot.
(Similar to SRDs Summon Plugin)

Damage over time moves also work around this system for example poison will deal damage of 500TUs or the effect X will last for 300TUs. There is also Haste in the game which can reduce or increase the number of TUs a skill costs.

The UI does not have to be fully recreated like it is in the orignal. The only real change I need is the TU turn order bar which can be made with yanflies turn order display plugin.

I already implemented a lot of monsters and other stuff so you have a lot of room to test the plugins needed properly.

If you are interested join us on Discord or Reddit:


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