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After I started not doing daily internet catchup, it only got harder to keep caught up.

This means that, in time, I may end up vanishing completely for a while...but I'm not leaving...

"wHy DoN't YoU tRy GoFu**Me?"

Because I can't use any funds from those. They come in checks/cheques I cannot cash. CashApp requires a credit/debit card, don't have that either.

"What do you have access to?"

Physical currency, bills, coins, and what those can purchase. Means that, I have to go places, brick and mortar stores to buy anything, including Steam Wallet cards.

Anyway, enough of all that, just letting you know, that this dated PC is why I am slowly but surely less and less here...I may be on Discord, but not everyone here is.
And of course, the one person I actually wanna talk to, who only talks to me here, is never online elsewhere anymore...and they know who they are!!!

Yup, any PMs here, I'm not going to respond to; if you're on Discord, send them to me there. It's much easier for me to be on Discord anyway. Or Steam. Somehow, I can run those two a lot better than I can run the internet browser. Go figure. Well, that's it. Until next time, or, whenever, I guess...

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Oh yeah; there's supposed to be some kind of stimulus thing...if I ever get it, I'm hoarding it.
Yeah, right; like that'll happen. I'm more likely to find myself in front a damned firing squad.

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