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Playtest not reflecting changes made to events. Bugged? Plz help

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I am experiencing some serious issues with the playtest, and not sure even if it is the playtest or if I'm doing something wrong. And if it is the playtest, how do I go about fixing this so that I can progress with my game and make sure everything is working properly? (Which it seems it is not?) This really only started happening today. Here's the scenario:


I will put in or change commands, often simple ones, and they will not trigger in the playtest. These are usually simple movement commands which I've double, triple, quadruple checked and they either

will not trigger at all, or they will simply stop working mid playthrough, or only some of the commands will work. Sometimes text will not trigger. I will restart the program or my computer and sometimes it will work but often not. In this particular example, I've added some screenshots of my most recent event window. In it, everything will play through until the last part, and then BeauTheBully just doesn't walk away. Have I done something incorrect or is there any reason he should not execute these movements? There is nothing in the way of his path. This is just one of several examples. 


I guess I'm wondering if in fact I am even doing something wrong, if not if it's the RPG Maker itself that is bugged, or the playtest? Is there a solution to this because thus so far I cannot progress. I am a week and many hours of worktime into the trial with intent to purchase, but I need to know that this isn't an issue that is going to keep occuring before I do. Thank you for any input, I'm fairly frustrated and confused right now. 







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