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Anyone also share the dream of making a good, quality 2D MMO that captures the essence of the classic JRPG, in a massively multiplayer setting, with modern features and logic?


I am good with creating worlds, lore, plots, characters, Sprites, and icons edits. I am a workhorse looking for a project where multiple people can combine their talents and efforts to produce something truly noteworthy.



This is an evolving thread and I will be adding ideas and concepts over time in addition to what others bring to it. 



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I'm now grappling with concepts, both world setting and design, and well as play features and game systems to make it stand out and be worth playing.


Ideas I have so far include;

  • Generic open world Fantasy MMO the that focuses on making the most of every aspect offered by VXO and whatever ese can be squeezed in. PvP minigames and areas, but as largely optional content. Built in E-Sport as well as other distractions heavily integrated into the clan system.
  • Open World Dark Fantasy MMO with heavy PvP and survival elements that create an engaging, challenging, competitive world.
  • Open world Zombie Survival MMO with heavy PvP elements. Many sub-concepts in here, haven't fully tackled it et because I know RM resources aren't equipped to tackle a full mmo.
  • Pirate-themed MMO largely based around naval exploration and battles, as well as land exploration and settlement. Other features would be worked in, but this is a fresh idea.


Still working on more.


The VXO weapon assets for sprites use Mack sprites, so I have to figure something out for weapon graphics to use for LL sprites. I want a more robust range of weapons.

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On 5/1/2021 at 5:33 PM, That One NPC said:

IT/Server Technician acquired.

As an IT desktop support / server administrator / systems admin - You will not get a MMO game running with just basic IT support. I've worked with computers and servers for over 20 years and would not even know where to start. Although my job always has me focusing on productivity for people and not game development.

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