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Hello, all,

my name is Kiyasu Oka, and I am a Taiwanese professional illustrator known as the "Magician of Color" from Taiwan. ^^ My home page is at www.kiyasugreen.com! I originally wanted to use my introduction thread to kind of post my art works, but decided to start my own art thread. Here are some of my RPG Maker community-related works:


kiyasu-oka_nella-shadowind.jpg.3506bdc13a5800a2b4ee95768edbb76c.jpg  kiyasu-oka_rita-mia.jpg.894b3cdcdc7eac441846ba59f8427efd.jpg

kiyasu-oka_josh-jtheduelist-portrait.jpg.f20026351063065173caab018791dc03.jpg  kiyasu-oka_toasty-rpg-time-portrait.jpg.af61c539b420d949dc9883d98f405166.jpg


The first picture above is @TheoAllen's character, Nella Shadowind, from Journey of Skynesia. Also, here's a portrait I did for @Archeia:




I am also a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators (SCBWI) and my SCBWI Illustrator Gallery can reached from this redirect URL I made: www.kiyasugreen.com/portfolio n_n Hope you like my art gallery!

Cheers and kind regards!

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Posted (edited)

Hurray for the Magician of Color! The drawings she makes sure are magical! :3

Edited by Kayzee

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