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Help With Vines Over A Cliff

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Hello reader. I've finally got back into RPG Maker and I feel a bit dumb for asking this. I bought and started using a custom tileset, this one. And I will show screenshots but here's the reason for this post. I made a cliff that I wanted the player to ascend via either a rope or a set of vines. But when I add the vines, rope, and even a ladder, they just replace the part of the cliff instead of going over it. I even went and made the vines an event, but the player stops dead at the cliff.

I ended up just using the stairs tile but I wanted to ask for future reference why were the vines, ladder and rope replacing the cliff tiles and how should I go about fixing it. I believe it's something to do with how I added the tiles in the database, but I'm not entirely sure. Is it something to do with the A, B, C and D tabs?

P.S sorry if this is in the wrong place, I haven't been here in a long time. ^^;

Screenshot #1.png

Screenshot #2.png

Screenshot #3.png

Screenshot #4.png

Screenshot #5.png

Screenshot #6.png

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Posted (edited)

It's because the tiles in tab B-E are all put on the same layer in VX Ace. You might want to move parts of those cliffs into the A5 tile area maybe?

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