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Ruby Arena is a text based roguelike game. Your main objective is to get bigger and stronger, equip yourself and prove yourself by competing in the arena. Climb the ranks of the Arena! Prove yourself worthy of the Ruby once and for all.


The Beta version is now available, which means all core systems are completed. More content, formatting and stuff is now being added to the game. It is Now in a playable state with all the core stuff. At this stage of development updates are coming out very often.


Currently I'm working on adding more Arena bosses and a few new areas to level up in. I'm always open to suggestions that anyone might have. There is still lots of ongoing balancing but things are pretty good now. The intention of this game of course is that it's supposed to be hard. There is still late and mid-late game balancing to work on.


Note: for an ideal gaming experience, when the game opens, click on the top left corner of the console window to open a menu, and go to Properties. Click on the Font tab, set the font size larger (your preference) and text to bold. then maximize the window. The game will take care of these steps eventually.


Screenshots of the game have been attached to the post for your convenience.


You can download the game for free here: Ruby Arena (itch.io) The latest version is always uploaded there, and also on github here: Ruby Arena (github)


Currently known bugs:

  1. Crash on battle complete -- this bug happens very rarely and is sometimes triggered if an enemy drops an item. This should not happen often. I have not been able to solve this bug yet. You will be naturally saving all the time due to the games inherent difficulty so this bug should not bother you too much.


If you encounter any other bugs, you can either post them here on the forum or you can report them as an issue on Github. Including your debug.log and all your save files will be very helpful in diagnosing any bugs you might find. Of course, I'm always open to ideas for things to add to this game.


As of posting this topic, Beta 1.7 is currently out. The game is getting pretty regular updates. The full changelog is visible on the github readme. Its also available on itch but it is chopped into different posts for each version.


Looking forward to hear what you guys think of my game. Thanks for your time. :)








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