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Gumps QSB (Quest System Basic)

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Current Version: BETA 1.20
System(Script Collection) Author: Matt Sully (Gump)
Download: Attached to this post!


Apologies for the lack of formatting on this post. This system is distributed as a demo as it is a collection of scripts that makes a system. It also includes one of my old scripts, 'Gumps LVLUP Messenger" which can be optionally used in conjunction with the system. This project was originally developed many years ago (early 2013), Beta 1.20 is the last version made. I am willing to update or add to this system and/or fix any bugs you might find. Always interested in adding more stuff.


I feel as though I know a lot more about Ruby now than I did all those years ago. This script may get some optimizations. I read through it all this morning and got a few ideas.





BETA 1.20 UPDATE: The included DataManager now overwrites a single method. Still looking for a way to properly alias the last overwritten method. Quests can also now have any amount of required Game Variables & Switches settings. Read the Version Changelog included with the download (in the demos script section) for more details.

BETA 1.18 UPDATE: Crashfix for completing & unfinishing item requirement Quests. This was a bad and obvious crash, can't believe it slipped by me in the BETA 1.17 release.

BETA 1.17 UPDATE: Bugfix for Quest Manager crashing if it had to handle 100+ quests. The QM is now capable of handling up to 99,999 active quests.
- New Quest Properties settings: Game Variables and Game Switches. See included documentation for more information. These new Quest Properties settings are optional, therefore old Quest Properties from old versions of the QSB are fully compatible.
- New System Settings for a couple things.
- A few minor bugfixes/tweaks.
- Updated Forum Post for QSB to account for new stuff

BETA 1.10 UPDATE: New optional system included - Gumps LevelUP Messenger. New logic within QSB to "un-finish" Quests that require items if the player had all the items and finished the Quest, but lost some
of them or sold them without finishing the Quest. If that happens now, the 'Finished' Quest will be detected
and switched back to 'Active'.

BETA 1.08 UPDATE: Quest Properties have been reformatted to be a lot more user friendly. Big thanks again to Zeriab for that methodology of setting up data. The ACTIVE_SIZE_MAX setting denoting the max. amount of active quests is also theoretically limitless in its maximum setting. More settings have also been added, including support for Active Size Max Items (key items that can increase your max. active quests) and more. Check the included documentation for more information.

BETA 1.02 UPDATE: Settings are now a lot more user friendly. check included documentation for more details.

BETA 1.00 UPDATE: A quick release, all changes are documented within the script readme files. The Module script has been separated into a few scripts. One for System Settings, another for Quest Properties.

A lot more settings now. To see everything that was added, check the README(Version Info) Changelog.

Quest data created with the ALPHA version is compatible, but it must be imported. You must also redo all your settings.

Find the Beta download attached to this post.

I created this system for my first commercial game (WIP). It is an easy to use Quest System that provides feedback windows to the player via Scene_Map.

Quests in this system have 3 stages: Active, Finished, and Complete.

When a new Quest becomes Active, a feedback popup window appears for a few seconds informing the player. The same thing also happens when a quest is Finished and Completed. When a Quest is Completed, a second popup window appears on screen, displaying the rewards earned for that Quest.

* Feedback windows are processed and animated within Scene_Map, and do not interrupt player movement. They will also only appear if the game is "not busy" doing something.

Also included with this system is a Quest Manager scene, intended to be accessed via the main menu by the player. This Scene allows the player to view the current status of all Active/Finished Quests (currently, it does not have any options to display Completed Quests).

All Feedback Windows, and all Windows within the Quest Manager scene are fully animated (meaning they animate on and off the screen, they don't just 'pop' into existance on the screen).

Virtually all Vocabulary within the system is easily changeable. All Vocab variables are located at the top of the QUEST module.

There are various other settings available at the top of the QUEST module as well, in fact there are more settings in the public port of QSB(Quest System Basic) than there are in the private version I am using for my game.

All scripts and additional README files are included within the DEMO. You will find the Demo attached to this post as a file. Download it, open it in VX ACE and check it out.

Legal Info:
All Legal information is within the README(TERMS OF USE) script inside of the DEMO. The TLDR for Legal on this script is: You may modify and release modifications for this system, you may freely use this system(QSB) in any free or commercial game, you must provide credit to the script author if you use this system. Please see the Readme(TERMS OF USE) for more detailed information on this subject.

Other Info:
Quests may have up to 4 required items (with any amount for each item). If a player has all the required items for a quest with required items, then that quest is automatically pushed to the "Finished" state (but must still be cashed in aka "Completed" by the player).

Quests may have up to 5 reward items (or none at all). Items are rewarded when the player cashes in, or "Completes" a quest.

Quests without item requirements, Game Variable or Game Switch requirements require manual calling of the method to finish that quest when it is appropriate.

For more information, review the comments at the top of all scripts and be sure to review all README files within the demos script section.

Also, screenshots? There isn't much to show but I may add some shortly. I am looking for feedback though. Additionally if you have any ideas for QSB feel free to suggest them here in this topic.


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