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Setting variable to ID of used skill

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If you know the formula then just put it in the damage formula or make a common event.

$game_variables[1] = skill id #

I tried a few variations and could not get it to work then I wrote this

class Game_Action
  def set_skill(skill_id)
    if skill_id > 2
      $game_variables[1] = skill_id
    @item.object = $data_skills[skill_id]


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I really should stop ignoring threads after I found an answer I've been looking for.

So, to anyone in the future that might have similar question:

I used Tsukihime's formula effects and put this into notebox.


<formula effect>
$game_variables[VAR_ID] = X
</formula effect>


I ran into some problems when trying using it with skills that use "Kernel.eval method" that uses skill ID, allows to put more than 100 characters into damage formula, but I changed it to the one that don't require skill ID, and it worked like a charm. If you want to use this, I've found about it HERE.


If you can't use this method, put into effects a common event that sets that variable into this skill ID. 

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