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HELP - What happen with my parrallax map

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Okay. Sorry to bother you, but I have a problem and I don't understand what happen and how to resolve it.


The other day, I try parrallax mapping ; and at the base everything was fine... until I import my parrallax in RPGMaker and try to make it work.


I make some screenshot for you. My problem is the parrallax map doesn't show as it should be. In the map editor all is fine. But in the game, only a few part of the map is show, and I don't understand why.

Also, I use two script : the Parrallax Lock by Yanfly and the Fixed Picture by Seer ^^.


Thank you in advance.





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I am not familiar with Seer's script and have never tried that particular Yanfly script.

I'm also not exactly sure how this is supposed to look.

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I'm just starting to work with parallax maps too, so don't know exactly, but is it something to do with either the settings in the scripts, where your parallax maps are saved, or the filenames or size of the maps themselves?

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